The Heroes of Emrillia

Arrival at Coastwave and the Forest Outpost

First Summer Meeting

The PCs traveled to Coastwave, defeating a 6 Cutter 2 Sniper Goblin Ambush at the Crossroads. 14 gp goes to Darrick Mithrilshaper. Upon arriving at Coastwave, Laurana scheduled a meeting with the Lord Warden of the town through the dragonborn Sergeant of the Guard. Darrick went and drank himself unconcious after Laurana bought 20 pitchers of ale for him. The Warden told them to go into the forest, establish contact with the Woodland Infantry and Ranger Corps, and destroy a Shadow Rebel outpost rumored to be within the woods. 100 gp was given up front, with 400gp left for after. (Skill Challenge: The Camp) Kathrina Nimblewind found a Shadow Rebel patrol after the party set up camp and met the Woodland contact.

XP and gold are from memory, not entirely accurate.

Party XP gain: 200 (50 per person)

Gold: Darrick + 14gp, + 25gp
Laurana -2 gp, +25 gp
Aroth: +25go
Kathrina: +25gp


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